Setting the Standard for Load and Haul Efficiency

Introduced 40 years ago as mining’s first-ever computer-based dispatching tool, the DISPATCH Fleet Management System has revolutionized the way mines work in real-time. Today, it is the most trusted FMS in the mining industry.

The system leverages three mathematical programming models – Linear Programming (LP), Dynamic Programming (DP), and Best Path (BP) — to maximize your overall truck productivity by maintaining and updating a real-time model of the mine equipment, locations, and haulage roads. The system continuously calculates optimized truck assignments and sends them to truck operators automatically.

Help your operators get to the right load spot – the first time

Built on nearly 20 years of machine guidance success, the newly-released ProVision Guided Spotting system utilizes advanced guidance technology and high-precision GNSS positioning to provide centimeter-level accuracy for your truck and shovel operators.

Optimize your load cycle with precise guidance and intuitive visuals, helping your haul truck operators hit the spot the first time they reverse toward the shovel – without the need for a hanging bucket or flag.

The DISPATCH Fleet Management System has enabled mines worldwide to:

Increase total material moved by >10% Per Year

by “unlocking” equipment assignments

Save nearly $1 Million per year in fuel costs

by reducing unnecessary idle time

Reduce truck queue times by 28.6%

by dynamically reassigning equipment

Increase production by 6.6% loads per shift

by automating shift change process

The ProVision Guided Spotting system has the potential to:

Contribute up to 2-8 additional loads per hour

by maximizing truck and shovel efficiency

Increase productivity by up to 13%

by eliminating bucket spotting

Reduce shovel hang time by up to 35%

by precisely guiding haul truck operators to the right spot

Elevate your fleet management and operator efficiency to increase the performance of your loading and hauling operations through:

Without Optimization


  • Purpose-built fleet optimization
  • End-to-end monitoring of production and auxiliary equipment
  • Compliance with planning objectives
  • Minimized hang and queue times

With Optimization

ProVision Guided Spotting System:

  • Minimized shovel hang time
  • Minimized truck re-spotting
  • Maximized trucking capacity
  • Optimized shovel swing angle

DISPATCH System – Key Features & Benefits

Total-site Optimization

Minimize truck queues and shovel hang time to increase your haulage efficiency and productivity

Fueling Module

Minimize queuing at fueling locations and maximize equipment run-time

Parkup Module

Maximize production and efficiency at the end of each shift

Actions Module

Automatically trigger action assignments as trucks arrive at or depart from a location or shovel

Haulage Tracking Functionality

Capture production records for accurate reporting and feedback to mine planning

Blending Module

Automate blending at crushers and stockpiles while simultaneously minimizing truck queue and shovel hang time

ProVision Guided Spotting System – Key Features & Benefits

High precision guidance accuracy

Reliable navigation to get your operators to the right spot the first time

Intuitive visual displays for truck operators

Take the guesswork out of reversing to the optimal load spot

Dual-side loading functionality

Increase your productivity without increasing safety risks

Intuitive preference controls for shovel operators

Allow your shovel operators to specify their desired load side and pass type

Integration with the DISPATCH FMS

Continued operations regardless of rain, fog, snow, mud, or dust

Did You Know?

The DISPATCH FMS is the supervisory technology for Komatsu’s Autonomous Haulage System

Get even more value from your Mine Management Systems

Performance Assurance

Consulting Solutions | Customized Consulting

A dedicated team of Modular specialists collaborates with your mine personnel to establish mutually-defined goals and milestones, delivering even more value from your MineCare system.

  • Enhance equipment productivity
  • Reduce truck queue times
  • Improve net production through shorter shift change duration
  • Reduce equipment maintenance costs

"In the Performance Assurance area, they send a wide variety of professionals to the site to help deal with the different problems we have. We got some solutions to some of the problems we had and it was a great win for us. "

- IntelliMine Client in North America

MinePlan Compliance

Consulting Solutions | Customized Consulting

Our technology-based consulting approach helps you create synergy between departments, processes, and systems, thus increasing your ability to consistently execute according to plan.

  • Facilitate the cultural shift your personnel may need to accept and internalize changes to operating procedures and best practices
  • Improve efficiency, performance, and process control

"They really helped us find the opportunities to increase the overall performance of the mine - certainly provides added value. It added value to our operation."

- Mine Plan Compliance Client in North America

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