Modular Mining Systems’ 4th-generation Collision Awareness System to be Launched at MINExpo 2016

Tucson, Arizona – September 19, 2016:

Modular Mining Systems, Inc., the global leader in the delivery of real-time computer-based mine management solutions for surface and underground mining operations, will launch their 4th-generation collision awareness system at MINExpo 2016, available as a standalone system or integrated with Modular’s DISPATCH® Fleet Management System.

Modular released its first-generation proximity detection system in 2006 as a part of a suite of safety management tools known collectively as MineAlert™. The 4th-generation Collision Awareness System (CAS) monitors and notifies operators of potential vehicle-to-vehicle collisions based on intelligent path-prediction and pattern recognition algorithms, helping to increase drivers’ situational awareness when operating heavy or light vehicles in the mine. The system uses a high-speed, low-latency peer-to-peer communications technology developed specifically for safety applications in the automotive industry to allow timely alarms and informative warnings to reach operators without delay.

The system addresses many of the most common vehicle collision scenarios, including forward path (front-to-rear and head-on), take-off, speed limit violations, overtaking, and intersections. Two levels of alarms notify operators of potential hazards; if an operator doesn’t take corrective action after the first notification, a more urgent, audible warning will sound. When integrated with Modular’s DISPATCH Fleet Management System, alarms may be routed to the mine controller and recorded for reporting purposes.

“Modular’s CAS is a next-generation approach built on the experience with our previous generations of proximity detection systems to deliver a very robust and reliable system for improving awareness of potential vehicle interactions,” says Lucas Van Latum, Director of Product Strategy at Modular. “We listened to our customers and have focused on addressing the major issue of nuisance alarms that has hampered the adoption of other collision awareness technologies.”

Some of the highlights of the new Collision Awareness system include:

  • Advanced predictive-path and pattern-recognition algorithms to minimize nuisance alarms
  • Scenario- and context-specific risk calculation
  • Silent informational alerts to the operator when the calculated risk is elevated, and audible warning alerts when intervention is considered necessary
  • 360-degree detection – unlike many other technologies such as radar and camera, vehicle-to-vehicle radio communication has no inherent blind spots; multiple antennas further optimize coverage around large equipment.
  • Configurable scenario-risk calculations can be tailored to a particular site risk profile
  • Does not require wireless infrastructure to achieve robust and long-range vehicle-to-vehicle communication
  • Simple, intuitive, and easy-to-read Operator Graphical Interface
  • Rugged components designed specifically for the harsh mining environment
  • Stand-alone, or integrated with DISPATCH® FMS

After nearly three years of extensive field testing, the Collision Awareness System will be launched at MINExpo 2016. In addition to a demonstration of several of the CAS scenarios, Modular will showcase its full IntelliMine® product line-up at MINExpo, including the MineCare® Maintenance Management solution, ProVision® High-Precision Machine Guidance solution, and its flagship product, the DISPATCH® Fleet Management System.

MINExpo 2016 takes place from September 26-28, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. To schedule a meeting with Modular at MINExpo, visit:

Media contact:
Patricia Browne
Manager, Marketing
Modular Mining Systems

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