Modular Mining Systems Announces Co-Founder Retires

Tucson, Arizona – July 11, 2016

Modular Mining Systems, Inc., the global leader in the delivery of real-time computer-based mine management solutions for surface and underground mining operations, announced today that company co-founder and Chairman Emeritus, Dr. James Wm. White, has retired, effective July 1, 2016.

In 1979, Dr. White’s vision of an automated, computerized dispatching system, which led to the development of the DISPATCH® Fleet Management system, changed the way mines operate in real time. The system’s proprietary optimization algorithm, industry-specific software and rugged, purpose-built hardware eliminated the need for visual pit oversight, increased production, and enabled mines to manage their entire haulage cycle from a central computer.  More than 35 years later, fleet management systems have become an indispensable tool for virtually all medium-to-large sized mines.

Throughout his tenure at Modular, Dr. White urged employees at all levels to remain focused on four key areas: Innovation, Quality, Partnerships, and Results. It was his belief that by maintaining the highest standards and putting the customers’ needs first, Modular would fulfill its mission of improving efficiency and safety across all phases of mining operations. Furthermore, by adhering to these principles Modular would accomplish its goal of becoming the first-choice supplier of real-time solutions for the mining industry.

What began as a small operation in Tucson, Arizona, now has ten globally-distributed offices, deployments in more than 30 countries, and a staff in excess of 700. “It is with great gratitude that I express my appreciation to the people who have helped make Modular what it is today. Without our many loyal team members over the decades, the company would not exist,” said Dr. White. “The talented individuals who conceptualize, build, market, sell, and support our products are the driving force behind our ongoing success,” he added.

Early on, Dr. White worked as a Senior Project Engineer for chemical and plastics manufacturer, Rohm and Haas Co. In 1971, he resigned as head of the Research Computing Center to join the University of Arizona’s College of Mines as an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering. Dr. White and two of his former students co-founded Modular Mining Systems, Inc. in 1979, and two years later, Dr. White left the University to assume the full-time role of Modular’s Executive Vice President. In recognition of his contributions to the mining industry, he was inducted into the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame in 2015.

“As Dr. White marks the end of a remarkable, game-changing career, we bid him farewell with tremendous respect, and admiration,” Luiz Steinberg, President and CEO said in closing. “His innovative vision has been a driving force to our success, and will continue to move the company forward.”

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Manager, Marketing
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