Modular Mining Systems’ DISPATCH Fleet Management System Selected by EXCON for Toconao Mine

Tucson, Arizona – Oct 23, 2014

Modular Mining Systems, Inc., the global leader in the delivery of real-time computer-based mine management solutions for surface and underground mining operations, announced today that Modular’s DISPATCH® Fleet Management System is being implemented by EXCON at the Toconao Mine in Chile.

The Toconao open-pit lithium mine, situated on the Salar de Atacama (the largest salt flat in Chile and the third largest in the world) is managed by Constructora Excon S. A. and owned by SQM, the largest lithium producer in the world. The mine produces three million tons of material annually and has an anticipated life expectancy of at least 50 years.

Since implementation began earlier this year, the mine has already realized measurable gains – such as maintaining production targets with seven percent fewer trucks in operation. “We are encouraged by the progress thus far, and we anticipate even greater results from the DISPATCH system going forward“, said Cristian Infante, CEO, EXCON.

With a fall in lithium prices, the mine had to adjust its costs and focus on optimizing productivity. “We were impressed with the sophistication of the DISPATCH system,” said Miguel Martinez, Assistant Manager of Operations at Toconao. The ability to measure numerous parameters, monitor activity in real-time, and optimize production were leading influences in the mine’s selection of the DISPATCH FMS. “From our office, we can know exactly what is happening to each of our teams on the ground,” he added.

Going forward, Toconao will also focus on real-time equipment monitoring and cost control by utilizing a number of optional modules also purchased, such as the DISPATCH system Speed Management and Fueling modules.The add-on modules extend the capabilities of the DISPATCH FMS in key areas, such as: production, operator safety, and equipment performance. Modular’s MasterLink® wireless mesh network will provide communication between the equipment units in the field and the mine’s central control room. “Our goal is to provide our customers complete solutions to increase production, manage costs and augment safety,” said Andree Roettig, General Manager, Modular Chile. “The DISPATCH FMS will do just that – it will optimize Toconao’s truck-assignments in real-time, minimizing both truck queuing and shovel hang time and increasing the mine’s operational efficiency.”

Full implementation is expected to conclude later this year.


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