Modular Technology Selected by GoldCorp Peñasquito

Tucson, Arizona

Modular Mining Systems, the market leader in powerful information management solutions for mining operations worldwide, announces that Minera Peñasquito, a wholly subsidiary of Goldcorp Inc. has selected to install the Modular IntelliMine® system at their operation, which will be the largest gold mining property in Mexico at full production. The new technology includes the DISPATCH® system for trucks and excavators, the ProVision® system for shovels, loaders and drills, the PowerView™ system, and the MasterLink®network.

Installation will take place in February 2008 with 13 high-precision GPS units installed on various drilling and loading units, 54 trucks and two dozers over a 5 year period. The package also includes one month of training for employees.

“Implementing a mine management system was critical for Peñasquito because they need to manage operations from remote locations,” stated Manfredo Manfredi, Sales Manager of Modular North America. “Peñasquito staff will now be able to manage vital extraction information from the integrated systems in real time, improving overall operational efficiency and productivity.”

“Our decision to install Modular products was based on the Modular Mining’s history in the mining industry,” said Alan Hernandez, Project Engineer, Peñasquito. “Needing to remotely manage the mine, it was critical that real-time operational information be available, and above all, reliable.”

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