Modular to Preview New “Guided Spotting” Technology at MINExpo 2016

Tucson, Arizona – September 22, 2016

Modular Mining Systems, Inc., the global leader in the delivery of real-time computer-based mine management solutions for surface and underground mining operations, will preview its new “Guided Spotting” technology, designed for improved shovel productivity and operator awareness, at MINExpo 2016.

Modular released its first machine guidance system for excavators nearly 20 years ago. Since then, the ProVision® solution has evolved to provide high-precision GPS navigation with centimeter accuracy for more than 2,000 shovels and excavation units, dozers, and drills worldwide. The Guided Spotting system builds on this success, utilizing advanced guidance technologies, including GPS, to assist the truck operator in efficiently spotting at load and dump locations. Traditionally, mines utilize inefficient practices such as bucket spotting and single-side loading, which reduce the productivity of shovels and trucks. Dynamically providing truck operators with guidance to the optimum load location without the need for shovel bucket spotting support can increase shovel productivity by up to 34%; field trials have been conducted at a large copper mine in North America and have demonstrated the viability of the system to improve both spotting practices and shovel productivity.

The efficiency of haul truck maneuvering at shovels, crushers, and dumps varies dramatically with operator skill. “As a result, many mine operators implement standard operating procedures that restrict double-side loading and mandate the use of bucket spotting,” says Michael Lewis, Vice President of Product Innovation at Modular. “Guided Spotting is designed to enable operators with limited experience to match the performance of experienced operators, facilitating the use of less-restrictive loading and spotting procedures to reclaim this lost productivity without sacrificing safety.

In field trials, Modular’s Guided Spotting technology has already shown the potential productivity increases by facilitating double-sided loading, reducing the occurrence of truck re-positioning and shovel hang time. Additionally, the high-precision GPS navigation guidance and proximity alerts can improve safety by increasing operators’ situational awareness.

Modular will preview the Guided Spotting technology alongside its ProVision High-Precision Machine Guidance solution at MINExpo 2016. Other products from the IntelliMine® suite will also be highlighted, including the MineCare® Maintenance Management solution, DISPATCH® Fleet Management System, and MineAlert™ safety management tools, among others.

MINExpo 2016 takes place from September 26-28, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. To schedule a meeting with Modular at MINExpo, visit:

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Modular Mining Systems
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