New Modular Technology Minimizes Risk, Increases Mine Safety

Tucson, Arizona

Modular Mining Systems, the market leader in powerful information management solutions for mining operations worldwide, announces the impending launch of a critical new mine safety tool, the ProVision® Proximity Detection Module. Available on all ProVision®-enabled equipment, the Proximity Detection Module protects capital assets by minimizing the risk of mining equipment accidents through advanced GPS-tracking technology currently present in Modular products. Using the Proximity Detection Module, operators receive real-time notifications of unsafe proximity to hazards.

The module is currently functioning on some of the worlds’ top producing copper and iron ore mine sites.

The Proximity Detection Module lowers incident risks for both personnel and equipment through real-time monitoring and a three-level alarm system. The first-level alarm, which consists of a text message and a short beep being sent to the operator, is triggered upon detection of equipment or hazards within the equipment’s safe zone. If the detected equipment or hazard encroaches further into the safe zone, the system then triggers the second- and third-level alarms. The third-level alarm is continuous and will not cease until the danger is averted.

The Modular ProVision® system operates on the MasterLink® communication architecture and integrates seamlessly with the DISPATCH® system. The ProVision® system is available for implementation on shovels, excavators, drills and dozers.

Enhancements to the ProVision® system currently undergoing development and testing include traffic control, identification of road conditions, visibility increase for truck operators through the use of cameras around the vehicle, remote access to cameras, and detection of proximity of light vehicles to other equipment.

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