MineCare 3

Modular introduced the mining industry to real-time maintenance management in 2002 with our MineCare® Maintenance Management solution, which provides mine personnel the necessary tools to respond to, track, document, research, and predict mobile equipment health issues.

Since then, the MineCare solution has continued to evolve, building upon this field-proven foundation to help mines proactively reduce component degradation and prevent catastrophic failures.

Our third-generation system, the cloud-based MineCare Maintenance Management Solution, includes enhanced features, benefits, and capabilities to help mines:

  • Increase Equipment Reliability and Uptime
  • Maximize Equipment and Labor Utilization
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Enhance Operator Safety
  • Promote a Proactive Maintenance Approach
  • Monitor Equipment Remotely

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Dashboards


User-configurable dashboards provide a one-stop asset health overview of your mobile mining equipment, and serve as a central hub from which to access individual MineCare solution applications. Dashboard screens can be configured to display:

  • Maintenance, equipment, and operator key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Application tiles with summary information
  • Goal-oriented user progress tracking
  • A visual overview of maintenance tasks

Integration with the DISPATCH® Fleet Management System (FMS)

The MineCare solution offers access to all core applications, and fully integrates with our DISPATCH Fleet Management system, allowing you to access and utilize operational data to help achieve maintenance goals. Additional benefits of DISPATCH FMS integration include:

  • Ability to monitor operator performance, location, and status
  • Reduced need for manual operational data correlation
  • Consolidation of operations, location, and OEM data

The MineCare 3 solution is also available as a Standalone version for mines who do not have the DISPATCH FMS.


Product Features

  • Cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment for lower capital investment and simplified management
  • Remote real-time monitoring for early detection of potential equipment problems while in operation
  • SQL database, Microsoft Reporting Services engine
  • Time tracking by component, root cause analysis
  • User-configurable dashboards and KPI's for at-a-glance information
  • The widest range of OEM alarm interfaces in the industry (More than 175)
  • Multi-equipment monitoring and trending to predict potential failures and assist in proactive planning
  • Trending and user-defined alarms
  • Event handling application for viewing and processing abnormal OEM events
  • Live Map event notification and tracking for fast diagnosis
  • DISPATCH system integration provides operations data

MineCare Standalone Version

The ability to monitor equipment in real-time, predict and prevent failures, and streamline maintenance practices is no longer limited to mines with the DISPATCH system. MineCare® 3 Standalone offers the same functionality as MineCare 3 — without the need for a fleet management system. Also, equipment not typically monitored through DISPATCH can be added to an existing MineCare deployment, such as drills, water trucks, graders, and other auxiliary equipment.

Whether you manage a small mine/quarry or are part of an entire corporation, the MineCare Standalone solution enables you to manage the health of all of your assets from anywhere in the world. In addition, the MineCare solution:

  • Eliminates the need for costly onsite server infrastructure, which then also eliminates capital expenditure investments
  • Requires only limited network communication

Contractors will also find this infrastructure elimination highly beneficial for the solution's mobility, as it can be turned on and off and moved between sites with ease.

MineCare Standalone is also designed for mines seeking a real-time maintenance application for their existing mine management software package. The solution hardware continues the growth of options from the Modular PTX mobile platform, providing unprecedented stability and easy integration with 3rd-party wireless networks.

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Dashboards


User-configurable dashboards provide a one-stop asset health overview of your mobile mining equipment, and serve as a central hub from which to access individual MineCare solution applications. Dashboard screens can be configured to display:

  • Maintenance, equipment, and operator key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Application tiles with summary information
  • Goal-oriented user progress tracking
  • A visual overview of maintenance tasks


Product Features

  • More than 175 ModularReady OEM Alarms (the widest range in the industry)
  • Remote real-time monitoring
  • SQL database, Microsoft Reporting Services engine
  • Trending and user-defined alarms
  • Does not require a fleet management system
  • Supports operational and mechanical KPIs

Core Applications


Real-time Event Management


The MineCare® Event Handling application provides concise, real-time event management and at-a-glance insight into the equipment faults occurring across your mine. Troubleshoot and act upon incoming notifications by scheduling a maintenance response or suppressing unnecessary alarms. You can configure the Event Handling interface to display:

  • Real-time fault notifications
  • Events-by-location on the tracking map
  • Data snapshots for root-cause analysis
  • Fault-specific diagnostic details
  • User-defined events with custom trigger criteria
  • Historical notification trends

Event notifications contain such key information as location, operator, and equipment status, as well as potential causes for the event, troubleshooting guides, and links to the equipment manual. Additionally, you can identify the conditions that triggered the event by looking at the associated event snapshot (a group of OEM interface parameters linked to an event). To take a snapshot, you simply specify the time period of the event and the parameters involved.

Visual Equipment Health Tracking

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When maintenance events occur, you not only need to know what happened; you also need to know where, when, and why. The MineCare Visual Equipment Health Tracking application provides complete, equipment-level asset management detail, displaying the real-time status of all equipment units. Additional information displays include:

  • A live geospatial map view of equipment location and health status
  • Recent maintenance history correlated with fault data
  • Equipment health tile view for simplified visual layout
  • Component-level problem detection and notification
  • Operational status and key parameter tracking

Seamless Data Collection and Centralized Analytics


The MineCare solution gives you the right information at the right time so you can convert Big Data into actionable information. Gain the insight needed to predict specific failure modes in advance, drive operational continuity and capacity assurance, and promote a condition-based maintenance approach. The MineCare solution helps you achieve specific data-collection goals by providing the following options:

  • Continuous monitoring for full historical data capture
  • Conditional monitoring for collecting data under specific operating situations
  • Predictive trending to detect abnormal behavior, rates of change, and parameters outside normal operating limits

Store&Forward Capabilities


The Store&Forward application ensures that data integrity is sustained in the event of a communications outage. Each equipment unit's mobile device stores asset health data and automatically forwards it to the MineCare database when communication is restored. With Store&Forward:

  • Existing database records automatically integrate with stored and forwarded data
  • Uploaded data reconciles in real time when it reaches the database
  • Communication disruption causes no discernible difference in solution operation

Software as a Service (SaaS)

MineCare In the Cloud

The MineCare solution delivers the tools and functionality to effectively optimize your maintenance management program by leveraging SaaS and cloud technology.

MineCare's Software as a Service model provides users with the best total cost of ownership (TCO). A seamless approach to deployment, upgrades, and expansions minimizes interruptions to daily workflows and simultaneously deploys application upgrades to multiple devices with less disruption. Dynamic resource allocations enable more efficient resource management based on needs, and centralized management facilitates information and configuration combinations across multiple mine locations, making this an ideal solution for large enterprise organizations.

Additionally, MineCare's cloud-based IT infrastructure management empowers mines to significantly reduce capital investments in hardware, software, and IT support staff.

Product Features

  • Seamless installation, upgrades, expansion, and support
  • Dynamic resource allocation to meet application, storage, and other computing resources
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Enterprise-wide data and configuration management
  • Highly scalable to monitor one machine or thousands

RemoteCare™ Off-Site Monitoring

Through the RemoteCare program, regionally-distributed Modular specialists remotely monitor the real-time telemetry data generated at your site, and provide directed feedback and recommendations to your on-site maintenance and operations personnel.

VOIP, teleconferencing, and periodic face-to-face visits ensure tight integration with your site-based field supervision, maintenance and engineering staff. Throughout this interaction, Modular specialists examine your MineCare solution event logs to identify potential problem areas. Services provided may include:

  • Handling critical events and ensuring that responsible parties receive notification in an expedited manner
  • Monitoring equipment health and driving a condition-based maintenance approach
  • Reviewing and optimizing configurations
  • Creating and monitoring user-defined alarms
  • Providing data analysis and reporting