ModularReady® interfaces support a wide line of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), providing you with real-time knowledge of equipment status and condition. ModularReady interfaces for haul trucks include most common overall control/monitoring systems, such as Komatsu® KOMTRAX Plus, Caterpillar® Vehicle Information Monitoring System (VIMS), and Hitachi® CONTRONIC. Most industry shovels, loaders, dozers, and drills are supported as well, including monitoring systems for Komatsu®, Caterpillar®, Bucyrus®, Terex®, Hitachi®, Liebherr®, P&H® Centurion®, and LeTourneau® models.

With accurate, current equipment health data, you have the power to make quick decisions on issues before they significantly affect safety and productivity. Integrating interface data with other data from the DISPATCH and MineCare systems provides a comprehensive picture of equipment health and performance. Information integrity is improved because data is captured and stored as it occurs. Also, procedural compliance can be enforced in real time, and operator training opportunities can be identified, by correlating interface data to indicate signs of equipment abuse.