Business Process Mapping

Modular offers Business Process Mapping (BPM), focusing solely on real-time mine operations and maintenance. Backed by our rich experience with BPM at the world’s largest, most productive mines, our formalized business process maps serve as a shared point of reference for organizational design, training, and business improvement. BPM helps you better establish roles and responsibilities, allowing more efficient, sustainable work.
  • Identify stakeholders and participants
  • Document current state process maps
  • Analyze improvement opportunities
  • Draft future state process maps, roles, and KPIs

Simulation Studies

Simulation studies allow you to compare multiple detailed alternatives using empirical data and models. Modular’s simulation software uses the same data inputs as our dispatching algorithm, to replicate real-world production records for several areas of mine operations.  Our simulations reveal the potential impacts of alternative haul road network designs, shift change practices, and truck allocation strategies.
  • Evaluate impacts of fleet selection and size
  • Validate haul road network alternatives
  • Strategically locate fuel, service, and break stations
  • Predict equipment traffic levels

Alarm Frameworks

Asset health data is merely noise until mapped to specific events. The MineCare maintenance management system allows combinations of events to trigger and record equipment health alarms. To help you utilize these alarms, Modular Mining Services maintenance consultants lead onsite workshops and form an alarm framework specific to your mine. Turn mountains of asset health data into concise action items; avoid catastrophic equipment failures and generate savings for your company.
  • Track breakdowns and unplanned stoppages
  • Designate priority for asset health events
  • Capture key parameters surrounding events
  • Predict failures and perform proactive maintenance