Lean Services

When a mine identifies an opportunity or need to improve a process, our consultants collaborate with the operations or maintenance team. Together, they examine the current processes, measure the current productivity, identify problem areas, design solutions, create a new process, and then implement that new process. Modular’s lean services apply to both mining and maintenance process improvement efforts. To increase the speed of adoption for desired results, Modular compliments its lean services offering with change management.
  • Higher productivity due to more efficient operations and maintenance
  • Definition of supporting processes for Modular products
  • Organizational design in mining operations or maintenance
  • Improved integration of mine planning and machine guidance

Outsourced Operations

Outsourced operation is a great tool for freeing up mine personnel to concentrate on other tasks, establishing a baseline for skilled operation of IntelliMine systems, or reducing time and costs associated with training, staffing gaps, or FIFO labor. Available as permanent or temporary, onsite or remote, outsourced operation service from the Modular Mining Services group can meet your mine’s professional needs for real-time operations and maintenance management.
  • Assisted commissioning for fast ramp-up to stable operation
  • Vacation/leave replacement for uninterrupted efficiency
  • RemoteCare™ for remote MineCare evaluation and assistance
  • Secure, global, 24/7 remote operation of mine management systems

Customer Consulting

If our off-the-shelf products and services cannot fully meet your needs, we’ll collaborate with you to create a solution that can. As mine management system experts, our recommendations are tempered by our experience with what does and does not work, based on over 30 years of technology implementations. Customization projects can be difficult to maintain due to staff turnover, technology change, and business process change. However, the Modular Mining Services group’s structured approach includes configuration management, documentation, and training development to create tailored, yet sustainable business solutions.
  • Business case documentation
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Requirements elaboration workshops
  • Continuous improvement project management