Improved Data Integrity

Validating production data after the fact can be challenging, and data conflicts are often hard to diagnose. The DISPATCH® and ProVision® systems continuously detect anomalous production data in real time, warning control room operators and prompting for immediate resolution.

Organized Reporting

Multiple, conflicting data sources can lead to inaccurate reporting. All IntelliMine® products utilize Microsoft® SQL Server databases that are updated in real time, to provide one central source for all your reporting needs.

Improved KPI Awareness

Consistent feedback is vital to improving operator performance. With the IntelliMine® suite, real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) continuously provide operators, supervisors, and management with helpful feedback about their operating practices and equipment allocation decisions.

Real-Time Web Reporting

Late reports undercut your efforts toward continuous improvement. IntelliMine products provide real-time web reporting and database access, allowing either scheduled or ad hoc analysis of production statistics.

Information Integration

Data exchange inefficiencies between departments and even mine sites cost significant time and money. Modular utilizes Microsoft® SQL Server® Integration Services, providing a robust, open platform for sharing information between your Processing Plant, Maintenance, Mine Planning, and ERP systems.

Customized Reports

When vast amounts of data aren’t translated into manageable information, critical problems are often overlooked. The IntelliMine® reporting systems summarize data by shift, fleet, location, and crew, to provide drill-down data analysis and custom reports for various users and scenarios, helping you find the information you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Remote Equipment Monitoring

When equipment is removed from service to manually download data, unnecessary downtime and potential safety hazards result. By monitoring equipment remotely in real time, equipment remains in service while maintenance personnel access health data from the safety of their own desk.

Prioritized Equipment Notifications

Faulty sensors can lead to nuisance alarms and operator desensitization. The MineCare system groups repetitive alarms, allowing maintenance dispatchers to quickly differentiate between real alarms and sensor malfunctions.