Real-Time Equipment Updates

Poor communication between teams and shifts can cause unnecessary downtime. However, by updating maintenance and operations departments with real-time equipment statuses, you can ensure that equipment failures are addressed promptly and that repaired equipment is quickly returned to service.

Proactive Maintenance

Unscheduled downtime causes lost productivity and increased costs. The DISPATCH® Fleet Management System and MineCare® Maintenance Management solution empower your mine to shift from a reactive maintenance approach to a proactive one, facilitating a change from unscheduled downtime to scheduled downtime. This shift minimizes the impact on mine operations, while facilitating more attainable production goals.

Tire Health Monitoring

Tire failure results in unscheduled downtime, increasing operational costs—for tire replacement as well as loss of productivity during repair. IntelliMine products enable you to predict and prevent tire problems in real time, leading to large savings and improved equipment availability. Direct interfaces to online tire monitoring systems proactively detect tire overheating, while spillage geo-tagging and automatic assignment of cleanup tasks help to prevent rock cuts.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Fuel is one of the highest consumable expenditures for any mine. By proactively improving overall equipment health, assigning underperforming equipment to optimum locations, and promoting best practices among operators, the DISPATCH® FMS and MineCare® Maintenance Management solution from our IntelliMine suite helps you achieve the highest level of fuel efficiency.

Additional Information

Real-Time Suspension Monitoring

Rough haulage roads take a toll on suspension systems, causing excessive downtime and maintenance costs. Real-time suspension monitoring provides instant updates of poor road conditions, allowing for automatic assignment of road repair tasks.

Early Warning Indicators

Most major equipment failures can be prevented if minor failures are identified early. Historical analysis of major failures reveals early indicators that can be used to make predictive trends for an entire equipment fleet. Once configured, these trends issue alarms when a major failure is approaching, giving you time to plan maintenance before it's too late.

Preventing Improper Equipment Operation

Equipment abuse leads to lost productivity and excessive downtime for repairs. IntelliMine products, including the DISPATCH® FMS and MineCare® Maintenance Management solution, generate immediate warnings of improper operation, as well as post-analysis of specific incidents to identify training opportunities. Early prevention of bad practices is vital to equipment health and operator safety.

Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Chronic component failures are very costly, but they are also highly preventable. With The MineCare® system, you can calculate downtime by component to identify and address those that are high-risk. Eliminating recurring component failure is a critical step towards Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) and major savings.

Maximized Equipment Life

Sub-optimal maintenance practices ultimately lead to reduced equipment and component life. Real-time and historical data acquired from the MineCare® system help you make informed maintenance decisions, maximizing your equipment life and reducing your cost per ton.