A Reliable Network

Successful wireless networks require more than just great coverage. They also need dependable, purpose-built hardware, a solid backhaul infrastructure, intelligent up-front design, and knowledgeable support. The MasterLink® Wireless Solution delivers all of this, providing unrivaled communications for seamless connectivity between your central office and critical applications.


Bandwidth-intensive applications such as fleet management systems, machine health monitoring solutions, live video streaming, and slope monitoring are the norm in most mining operations. As a result, capacity planning has become a key factor in WLAN design.

Beyond simply ensuring adequate radio frequency (RF) coverage throughout the pit, capacity planning now drives the overall network design, with a thorough examination of the mine’s applications and networked devices forming the basis of the design plan. By leveraging custom capacity planning tools that consider the specific throughput needs for a wide range of client devices and applications, Modular has made high capacity the foundation of its network design philosophy.


The need for adequate coverage is just as important as a strong wireless network capacity. The extreme topographic and geographic diversity of mines makes them complex environments for even the most skilled RF engineers. Therefore, a predictive RF plan, followed by on-site validation and model tuning, are vital components of the engineers’ tool kit. With this in mind, Modular has incorporated the most sophisticated predictive and validation techniques into its workflow. As a result, the engineering team can optimally model the network to accommodate the needs of both capacity and coverage, with an emphasis on high-traffic convergence zones.


Your mine is in a constant state of physical change. New dig faces and drop cuts, re-routed haulage roads, and growing or shrinking stockpiles and dumps are just a few of the progressions that must be considered.

Additionally, repeated mobilizations and demobilizations of mobile access points (MAPs) at or near drill and blast areas can exacerbate an already dynamic RF environment. Amid this constant state of change, not only is the topology of the mine in flux, so too are the RF transceivers. These factors combine to seriously degrade WLAN performance and, if left unattended, will ultimately have a negative impact on overall productivity.

Working closely with the mine’s operations staff, Modular’s Communication Services Group, or CSG, considers the anticipated physical changes of the mine during the design phase. Post-deployment, Modular’s CSG, which is comprised of MasterLink Wireless Solution engineers, re-validates your capacity and coverage plans by re-positioning and optimizing MAP's as needed.

Improved Signal Availability

Wireless network interference comes in many forms, any of which can severely impact your network's performance and, in extreme cases, bring communications to a halt.

To combat this threat, the MasterLink® Wireless Solution leverages Cisco® CleanAir™ technology, which uses silicon-level intelligence to precisely detect and classify over 20 interference types, changing channels only if it determines that the interference is severe enough to impact network performance.

Unique Environments

With a user base of more than 250 mines worldwide, Modular knows that one size does not fit all when it comes to wireless network infrastructure.

For this reason, we deploy a team of highly-skilled industry experts, known as our Communication Services Group (CSG), to tailor a solution that meets your mine's unique environment, no matter how harsh or extreme. With MasterLink®, even topographic and physical line of sight challenges are no longer an issue.

Our involvement in every step of the process ensures that your MasterLink Wireless Solution realizes its full potential for maximum performance.

MasterLink Wireless Solution: Designed for Performance, not just Coverage.


Secure Data Transmission

The MasterLink® Wireless Solution utilizes dedicated spectrum analysis to prevent unauthorized network access. By supporting the latest security and authentication standards, Modular and MasterLink ensure that your data remains private and protected.

A 5.8 GHz radio frequency provides Root Access Point (RAP)-to-Mesh Access Point (MAP) connectivity, enabling high-speed mesh communications between the central office and MAPs distributed throughout your mine. A second 2.4 GHz radio provides communications on up to three 802.11 channels to mobile units located in the pit, shops and other operating areas.

Self-configuring, self-healing mesh technology ensures continual coverage in the event that a MAP becomes unavailable, or as new pits and faces are opened. As changes occur, the wireless solution automatically reconfigures itself to prevent interruptions.