Improved Equipment Tracking & Allocation

Traditionally, both surface and underground mines have struggled to effectively manage the hundreds of moving and fixed assets at their sites. This problem is compounded by the large and ever-changing layout of mines. As a result, many of these assets are lost, abused, or stolen, or—when properly accounted for—not utilized to their optimal capacity.

The costs that a mine faces for communications infrastructure to manage these assets, when considering so many units, can become pricey fast. However, Modular has developed low-maintenance solutions that enable mines to not only track equipment, but to better allocate, control, and maintain equipment, saving considerable time and money.

Automatic Dispatcher Notification

Severe equipment damage can result when operators ignore OEM alarms. The DISPATCH® and MineCare® systems continuously record alarms as they occur and automatically notify dispatchers of manufacturer sensor warnings.

With accurate, real-time equipment health and operational data, you have the power to make quick decisions about issues before they significantly affect safety or productivity. Integrating interface data with other data from the DISPATCH and MineCare systems provides a comprehensive picture of equipment health and performance.

The DISPATCH and MineCare systems capture and store data as it occurs, helping to maintain and improve information integrity. In addition, you can better enforce procedural compliance and identify operator training opportunities by correlating interface data with signs of equipment abuse.

Continuous Tracking of Production Equipment

Missing time cards and manual data entry errors make for inaccurate performance measures, resulting in misguided decision-making and losses in productivity. By continuously tracking all of your production equipment, the DISPATCH system accurately reports equipment and operator performance, eliminating the need for paper time cards.

With Modular technology, equipment operators do not need to press buttons to track material and record production. Fully automated tracking of production cycles is provided through GPS events and ModularReady interface data, or RFID tracking for underground operations.

Accurate Drilling

If blast patterns are not drilled to plan, poor fragmentation and increased wear to production and processing equipment can occur. ProVision machine guidance solutions continuously compare operator performance against plan, quickly identifying deviations. Operators are also able to update their pattern with additional holes when necessary.

Improved Visibility of Material Movement

Head feed grade and costly misdirected loads are difficult to control without load-by-load material movement detail. The DISPATCH system tracks every load individually by load location, dump location, and material, allowing you to quickly identify misroutes and address head feed grade issues.