MineCare 3 Maintenance Management Webinar

Modular’s MineCare Maintenance Management solution has been providing the mining industry with real-time equipment management since 2003, delivering the necessary tools to track, document, analyze, and predict mobile equipment health issues.  Our latest-generation solution, MineCare 3, builds upon this proven success with many new features to further improve every aspect of the maintenance management process.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn how implementing a maintenance program that leverages cloud-based technology can help your mine:

  • Reduce component degradation and failure
  • Maximize equipment and labor utilization
  • Diminish maintenance costs
  • Remotely manage assets across one site or many
  • Optimize maintenance schedules

Additionally, you’ll learn how to:

  • Significantly reduce capital investments in hardware, software, and IT support staff
  • Leverage dynamic resource allocation (DRA) for more efficient resource management based on fluctuating demands
  • Simultaneously deploy application upgrades to multiple devices with little disruption