MineCare Cloud Webinar: Big Data you can Act On (June 2017)

Modular’s MineCare® Maintenance Management solution provides the information and tools you need to monitor your fleet’s real-time health, empowering you to prevent catastrophic equipment failures before they occur by turning data into actionable information. Our latest MineCare evolution leverages cloud computing and advanced analytics capabilities to:

  • Maximize uptime and decrease maintenance costs by identifying problems early
  • Manage “big data” and avoid information overload by collecting the right real-time data at the right time
  • Improve equipment and labor utilization by streamlining your maintenance practices
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime and extend equipment life by promoting a proactive maintenance approach
  • Connect and monitor your entire fleet from one central location by leveraging IoT (Internet of Things)

Watch the full-length webinar (previously recorded) below: