Do More with your Data

We are committed to creating an environment of connected and integrated technologies, in which systems work seamlessly together in real time to solve your complex mining challenges.

Through advanced sensors, OEM interfaces, and now, APIs to increase openness with third-party technology, we can collect and connect to more data than ever before.

Whether you run a mixed fleet or one predominant OEM, our Data Connectivity innovations can help you collect the right real-time data to optimize your mining value chain.

The Modular Mining Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) facilitate superior integration and increased openness among the DISPATCH Fleet Management System (FMS) and ProVision Machine Guidance System, and complementary third-party technologies.

Via the APIs, the Modular Mining mine management solutions gain access to previously unavailable information to:

  • Supplement existing decision-making algorithms
  • Augment task automation
  • Prevent duplication among systems

The ModularReady Interfaces provide the largest range of OEM interfaces in the industry.

We have worked with numerous original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to interface to more than 280 unique equipment models.

Data captured through the OEM interfaces is instantaneously relayed to the DISPATCH FMS, MineCare Maintenance Management system, ProVision Machine Guidance system, or other applications, enabling immediate insights and corrective action.

The Modular Mining APIs

About the APIs

Each API enables interoperability among the DISPATCH FMS and/or ProVision Machine Guidance System and related third-party systems, with a focus on the following
(hover over the tiles below to learn more):



The Core API

The Core API facilitates data exchange among the DISPATCH and ProVision systems, and third-party supervisory and control systems, including those for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).



The Machine Guidance API

The Machine Guidance API enables any third-party mine planning application to integrate with the ProVision system. By bridging the gap between planning and execution, mines gain the ability to monitor progress-to-plan and proactively respond to unplanned events.



The Crusher API

The Crusher API, part of the Crusher Suite, manages the flow of traffic at the crusher by integrating crusher Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) data with the DISPATCH FMS. By doing so, the DISPATCH System is able to leverage crusher data in the FMS’ real-time decision-making algorithms.


Systems Integration

The Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME) Aftermarket API

The Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME) Aftermarket API facilitates integration between the FMS and aftermarket onboard equipment systems.

Through the API, real-time DISPATCH System decision-making logic and specific actions are executed based on defined rules in the DISPATCH Actions module.



The Payload System API

The Payload System API enables integration among the ProVision and DISPATCH systems, and third-party shovel-based payload monitoring systems for improved payload accuracy.

The ModularReady Interfaces

We interface with all the major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with over 280 interfaces available today, including those for:


Engine systems:

  • Cummins®
  • Detroit Diesel®
  • MTU®

Miscellaneous Systems:

  • Fuel monitor systems (including BluTip, FuelMetrix, and more)
  • Oil analysis systems (including Poseidon, TanDelta, and more)
  • Other monitoring systems (including those for Runtime, equipment stress, operator fatigue, and more)


  • Complete systems (including interfaces to Komatsu®, Caterpillar®, Hitachi®, Liebherr®, and more)
  • Payload Systems (including Komatsu® PLM, Caterpillar®, Liebherr®, and more)
  • Tire Monitoring Systems (including Bridgestone®, Michelin®, Rimex TyreSense™, and more)
  • Electric Drive Systems (including Siemens® and Wabtec/GE)

Digging Units

Shovel / Excavator (electric/hydraulic) - Complete systems:

  • Bucyrus®
  • P&H® (Komatsu®)
  • Hitachi®
  • And more

Dragline - Monitoring systems:

  • Pegasys

Auxiliary Equipment

Complete systems:

  • Drill: P&H® (Komatsu®), Caterpillar®, Atlas Copco®, and more
  • Wheel Loader / Wheel Dozer: P&H® (Komatsu®), Caterpillar®, LeTourneau®
  • Dozer / Grader: P&H® (Komatsu®), Caterpillar®