Driving Value through Advanced Mining Solutions

We couple our world-class IntelliMine technologies with our results-driven services and support to build comprehensive mining solutions that deliver maximum value for our customers.

“If your purpose is to optimize the process, reduce the operational costs, and operate the equipment with reliability and accuracy, then Modular solutions are totally able to deliver all of these benefits”

– IntelliMine customer in Brazil

Our Solutions

Autonomous Haulage

Mine Compliance

Maintenance & Reliability

Load & Haul

Drill & Blast

Sustain Your Value: The Big Picture

Leverage the full IntelliMine platform to truly maximize your value, sustain your improvements, and grow over time. Each system and service builds upon another, providing more value and process improvements than you can derive from just a singular technology.

Without IntelliMine

With IntelliMine Deployment

With Customer Care Package

With Value-add Services