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For more than 20 years, mines around the world have used ProVision machine guidance systems to increase their total tons moved, improve the accuracy of material movement, and decrease costs associated with working outside of the mine plan.

The ProVision system is available for loading equipment (loaders, shovels, and backhoes), dozers, and drills. Leverage the system’s high-precision guidance capabilities to improve your mine compliance through:

  • A continuous feedback loop to your mine planning system to achieve better synergy between departments
  • Immediate communications to your equipment operators about changes to the plan
  • Intuitive operator elevation controls (not a confusing numeric display) to increase accuracy and minimize rework

The ProVision Machine Guidance system has enabled mines worldwide to:

Improve bench elevation by 87.5%

through intuitive, on-board equipment elevation controls available through the ProVision system for loading equipment

Reduce shovel hang time by up to 35%

by actively guiding haul truck operators to the optimal load spot via the ProVision Guided Spotting system

Reduce explosives costs by more than 20%

by improving your blasting performance via the ProVision system for drills

Minimize design surface staking and progress surveying

by communicating plan changes immediately with operators via the ProVision system for dozers

Every Bucket Counts: the ProVision Machine Guidance system for loading equipment

The ProVision system for loading equipment (avaible for loaders, shovels, and backhoes) improves your mine compliance execution to improve production by actively guiding operators to:

  • Dig the right material
  • Maintain the designed bench grade
  • Respect dig limits
  • Work within the machine’s optimal operating specifications

The ProVision Machine Guidance system for loading equipment minimizes operator rework and uneven benches through intuitive elevation controls that provide real-time visibility into current and target elevations.

Image: mining shovel loads haul truck. Mines often experience hang time during this procedure; eliminate hang time to move millions more tons of material per truck, per year.

Don’t Move it Twice: the ProVision Machine Guidance system for dozers

Improve your dozers’ work efficiency through continuous, high-precision guidance to:

  • Keep the designed bench grade
  • Create ramps to plan
  • Work within the machine’s optimal operating specifications
  • Minimize rework and improve identification of ore boundaries or edge of coal

The ProVision Machine Guidance system for dozers improves your dozer utilziation and cycle times by minimizing push distance and the material rehandling that often results.

Every Blast Counts: the ProVision Machine Guidance system for drills

Optimize your blasting efficiency and mine compliance by improving both your material fragmentation and your blasting costs through:

  • Precise navigation to each hole
  • Real-time updates about current depth and angle, relative to targets
  • Improved compliance to your drill pattern and immediate on-board notifications about pattern changes

The optional Stratification module further helps improve your material fragmentation by providing a means of analyzing material strata from one bench to refine your blasting procedures on the next bench. The module enables you to significantly reduce your explosives costs and dramatically improve your material fragmentation to optimize your downstream mining activities.

Every Second Counts: the ProVision Guided Spotting system

Optimize your load cycle efficiency by improving the productivity of both your shovel and haul truck operators. The ProVision Guided Spotting system:

  • Guides your haul truck operators to a precise, pre-determined loading spot with intuitive visualizations mounted near the truck’s side mirrors
  • Eliminates the need for a hanging bucket, flags, balls, or other shovel-provided visuals
  • Equalizes the performance of your least-experienced operators to that of your most-experienced
  • Facilitates dual-sided loading to help you hit your targets faster

ProVision  Machine Guidance System – Key Features & Benefits

Centralized planning and real-time feedback to operators

Minimize reliance on flags, stakes, and survey activity

Real-time availability of geographical data

Enables real-time updates to ore boundaries and reduces field survey needs

Intuitive, real-time elevation and pitch & roll visualizations

Improve operator accuracy and minimize rework

Material delineation, visualized as polygons or layers

Track all material types being engaged to minimize misdirected loads and improve material blending

Progress line Visualizations for your operators and central office

Confidently update and execute your short-term mine plan based on awareness of previous activity

Immediate messaging between central and mobile machines

Quickly communicate plan changes without tying up radio channel

Did You Know?

Modular Mining has leveraged GPS technology in its field solutions since 1994

Get even more value from your Mine Compliance technology

Performance Assurance

Consulting Solutions | Customized Consulting

A dedicated team of Modular specialists collaborates with your mine personnel to establish mutually-defined goals and milestones, delivering even more value from your MineCare system.

  • Enhance equipment productivity
  • Reduce truck queue times
  • Improve net production through shorter shift change duration
  • Reduce equipment maintenance costs

"In the Performance Assurance area, they send a wide variety of professionals to the site to help deal with the different problems we have. We got some solutions to some of the problems we had and it was a great win for us. "

- IntelliMine Client in North America

MinePlan Compliance

Consulting Solutions | Customized Consulting

Our technology-based consulting approach helps you create synergy between departments, processes, and systems, thus increasing your ability to consistently execute according to plan.

  • Facilitate the cultural shift your personnel may need to accept and internalize changes to operating procedures and best practices
  • Improve efficiency, performance, and process control

"They really helped us find the opportunities to increase the overall performance of the mine - certainly provides added value. It added value to our operation."

- Mine Plan Compliance Client in North America

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