Every Blast Counts

Material fragmentation affects practically all of your downstream activities. Correct fragmentation:

  • Improves your shovel’s ability to dig at the face
  • Minimizes delays and downtime at your crusher
  • Lowers the risk and likelihood of rock spillage on haul roads
  • Eliminates dangerous fly rock

Achieve your target fragmentation every shift with the ProVision system’s high-precision guidance and material stratification capabilities.

The ProVision Machine Guidance system for drills has enabled mines worldwide to:

Reduce explosives costs by more than 20%

by refining drill and blast processes with the Stratification module

Improve drill utilization

during poor visibility and at night

Improve compliance to drill patterns by 57%

by actively guiding drill operators to the precise location for each hole

Minimize manual survey requirements

through accurate collar location and precise drillhole positioning

What can the ProVision system for drills do for you?

Optimize your blasting efficiency and material fragmentation to execute your blasting plan through:

  • Precise navigation to each hole without the need for flags or surveying
  • Real-time updates about current depth and angle, relative to targets
  • Improved compliance to your drill pattern and immediate on-board notifications about pattern changes

“With the high precision for drilling we don’t have to paint dots on the ground anymore. So it saves the surveyors from being out in the field and has allowed them to focus on different projects.”

– ProVision System for Drills customer, North America

ProVision Machine Guidance System – Key Features & Benefits

High-precision guidance to each drill hole

Improve your compliance to the drill pattern and decrease your time on pattern by minimizing the need for survey inspections

Stratification Module (optional module)

Continually refine your blasting performance by analyzing material strata and hardness from previous benches

Intuitive elevation and pitch & roll visualizations

Improve your compliance to the drill pattern and decrease your time on pattern by minimizing the need for survey inspections

Seamless integration with your mine planning system

Automatically deliver updated blast designs to your drill operators

Did You Know?

Modular Mining was the first to create on-board designs in a machine guidance drill system (1999)

Get even more value from your Drill & Blast technology

Performance Assurance

Consulting Solutions | Customized Consulting

A dedicated team of Modular specialists collaborates with your mine personnel to establish mutually-defined goals and milestones, delivering even more value from your ProVision system for drills.

  • Assisted operations provides training or re-training to further improve your drill operator productivity
  • System refinements and calibrations further ensure drill pattern and guidance accuracy

"In the Performance Assurance area, they send a wide variety of professionals to the site to help deal with the different problems we have. We got some solutions to some of the problems we had and it was a great win for us. "

- IntelliMine Client in North America

MinePlan Compliance

Consulting Solutions | Customized Consulting

Our technology-based consulting approach helps you create synergy between departments, processes, and systems, thus increasing your ability to consistently drill to plan.

Facilitate the cultural shift your personnel may need to accept and internalize changes to operating procedures and best practices

  • Improve efficiency, performance, and process control

"They really helped us find the opportunities to increase the overall performance of the mine - certainly provides added value. It added value to our operation."

- Mine Plan Compliance Client in North America

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