Modular Mining Technologies Chosen for Implementation at United Wambo Joint Venture

Tucson, Arizona – August 17, 2020

Modular Mining, global leader in the delivery of real-time computer-based mine management solutions, announced today that Glencore has selected the DISPATCH® Fleet Management and ProVision® Machine Guidance systems to support the United Wambo Joint Venture (UWJV) project.

The DISPATCH Fleet Management System (FMS) will manage the haulage cycles of the 39 trucks and 6 loading units that comprise the mixed-manufacturer fleet at the Wambo open-cut coal operation in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia.

“UWJV wanted a system that could provide real-time optimisation of load and haul operations, as well as truck assignments to the run of mine (ROM) and stockpiles for coal feed,” said Rob Lloyd, Systems Coordinator, UWJV, Glencore.

The mine also purchased the Crusher API; a component of the FMS’ Crusher Suite and the recently-released Modular Mining Public API. The Crusher Suite’s Truck Diversion utility and the FMS’ DISPATCH Actions module will work in tandem to increase the mine’s ability to manage their ROM and stockpile-related challenges.

The ProVision System delivers high-precision guidance to the mine’s excavator, dozer, and drill fleet. By increasing positional accuracy, the ProVision system will help ensure that the loading and dumping locations, roads, and drill patterns are completed to design, thus eliminating rework and reducing costs.

Modular Mining's Technologies chosen for implementation at UWJV

Photo courtesy United Wambo Joint Venture, GLENCORE

“Glencore is a key strategic partner for Modular Mining,” said Greg Sweeney, General Manager, Modular Mining Australia. “At UWJV they have aligned with us to supply solutions via technology and expertise to assist them in optimising their production. United Wambo is another opportunity for Glencore and Modular Mining to collaborate to extract maximum value from their operation,” he added.

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