“There’s got to be a better way.”

These are the founding words, stated more than 40 years ago, that drive our company and innovation today.

As a mining organization, you likely face several operating challenges every day, all while working towards a zero-harm culture.

These challenges can include:

  • Looking for ways to produce more with less
  • Increasing operating efficiencies
  • Mining faster, deeper, and further

We know you’re looking to make a step change in productivity and performance, and we’re ready to help you MineSmarter® to achieve your goals.

To us, the phrase, “MineSmarter”, is about helping our customers, and the industry, do just that – mine smarter:  mine more safely, efficiently, and more productively – to extract the most value from your IntelliMine solutions not just today, but over the life of your mine.

But what does it really take to MineSmarter?

Building Blocks For Success

Great Mining Equipment

No matter where the mining industry goes in the future, you will need equipment that is highly reliable, safe, productive, and environmentally friendly.

While Modular Mining is a Komatsu Technology Company, we are also proud to integrate with any OEM at your site. With the most OEM interfaces in the industry, we’ll help you MineSmarter by collecting the data that you care about and turning it into actionable insights that you can use.

And if you operate Komatsu equipment, you’ll benefit from our synergies for even more value in your operations.

Technology for Operations Management

To effectively bridge your equipment and your operations, you’ll need advanced technology capable of capturing and translating your data into useful, actionable insights.

Modular Mining is the leader in mine operations management solutions. Our IntelliMine Mine Management platform is comprised of our core systems; while these systems can function independently, they also integrate together to multiply your value.

Regardless of where you are in your journey to mining excellence today, and where you want to be tomorrow, you can rely on our advanced solutions to help get you there by improving every aspect of your mining operations, from mine to mill.

Mine Digitization and IoT

Modular Mining is no stranger to IoT. In fact, we have been applying the principles of IoT to our technologies since the release of our DISPATCH FMS in 1980, bringing together GPS, operator input, OEM sensor data, and wireless technologies to optimize your haulage cycle and increase your productivity.

In 2003, we introduced the MineCare Maintenance Management system to the mining industry, which truly embodies the industrial IoT. The latest version of this technology, the MineCare 3 system, collects gigabytes worth of disparate data from a vast array of equipment interfaces and sensors.

Operations Assistance

As your fleet and operation expands, the ability to bridge the gap between safety and productivity becomes increasingly necessary. Operator Assistance technologies, such as Modular Mining’s ProVision Guided Spotting system, can serve as an important step in this effort.

And while Modular Mining’s solutions are OEM agnostic, we maintain a close working relationship with Komatsu, the world’s leading mining equipment manufacturer. This affords us the unique opportunity to develop advanced, integrated solutions that unlock additional value across your mining operation.

Komatsu’s Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) Dozer is a prime example:  leveraging our ProVision Machine Guidance system for dozers, the IMC Dozer utilizes real-time GNSS data to provide situational context, enabling automated blade control for improved performance, productivity, and accuracy.

Platforms to Support Advanced Wireless Technologies

Mines everywhere have increasingly expressed a desire to move towards advanced wireless technologies, such as 4G LTE, due to growing requirements for managing a broad array of applications and increased speed, robustness, bandwidth and quality of service.

Modular Mining leads the mining industry in 4G LTE implementation. We recently deployed our solutions in North America, running over LTE. In addition, Komatsu’s Autonomous Haulage System (AHS), which incorporates Modular Mining’s DISPATCH fleet management system to provide the industry’s only optimized autonomous haulage, recently became the first AHS qualified to operate on private LTE mobile broadband technology.


More mines are moving to autonomous operation largely due to their ability to move material with less risk to human beings. Are you one of them?

Modular Mining has worked with Komatsu for more than 20 years in the autonomous space. Today, the FrontRunner Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) has moved more than 2 billion tons, across three continents, autonomously – that’s more than all other commercial autonomous haulage systems combined!

How autonomous is your operation, currently? Whether you’re running fully-manned or in a combination of manned and autonomous or semi-autonomous, Modular Mining has the experience and knowledge to help you MineSmarter and reach the next level of automation you seek.

Value-oriented Services

The variety and complexity of mining technologies and equipment is often magnified by such common challenges as employee turnover, commodity price fluctuations, and more. How do you keep up with these changes and continue to extract the most value from your technology?

Over the past five years, Modular Mining has heavily invested in a customer value infrastructure focused on helping our customers optimize the use of their Modular technologies to help them continuously extract the most value. Through such services as Performance Assurance and Mine Plan Compliance, you can increase your system utilization to leverage the technologies’ full potential.

Realize More Value

Collaboration, integration and agility are critical to realizing the full value of digital technologies and automation across your entire value chain. Through our unrivaled customer base, innovative and value-driven technology, and best-in-class service, we’ll help you MineSmarter by solving your mining challenges faster.