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From Mine to Metro

Modular Mining is the global leader in mine management technology and a wholly owned subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd. Our innovative technology powers mine operations in every corner of the globe.  The products that we create, the solutions that we engineer and the service that we deliver set us apart in the Mining Technology industry.  We’re more than a company, we’re a community of passionate, creative professionals striving toward a shared vision: to revolutionize the way the mining industry operates.

With a presence stretching from Johannesburg to Vancouver, Moscow to Lima, you are part of a global brand that supports creativity, fosters innovation and encourages you to think big, share ideas and be yourself.

Our Company Values

We Deliver Outstanding Results

We Act with Integrity

We Embrace Change

We are Optimistic

We are Curious

Modular Mining: a Komatsu Technology company

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I like to work at Modular Mining because it's a place that you can develop, and the people encourage you to do this. At Modular we have many opportunities and different areas to work and grow.

Bruna PalottiPerformance Assurance, Brazil

[I like] the culture of the company and its people, the idea that our personnel resources/minds are our biggest assets. Your work, skills, commitment and loyalty are looked upon at Modular Mining in a positive way. The way Modular cares for the employees gives immense weight to safety and work life balance, as well as various insurance and health benefits for Employees and their family. Modular Mining has well-defined processes and policies for all the domains and a high level of transparency is maintained. These are some of the positive aspects that motivate me to continue working with Modular.

Deepak PadoleCustomer Services Manager, India

The amount of diversity and inclusion the company has is amazing. The efforts that are being put forth to include different aspects of the company to work as one is a driving force to motivate everyone to be one team, one fight. Not many corporations have the drive, and motivation that Modular Mining has.

The leadership from the very top to the individual departments, are focused on driving quality of product and quality of workforce hand in hand, which makes productivity all around more efficient.

Jose Martinez OrtegaAHS, Colombia

Modular Mining is the pioneer of the fleet management system - we didn't copy it from any other company. It gives me immense satisfaction while presenting to our clients to mention this. Mining and Agriculture are the base for society; everything starts from here. I am happy that I am closely linked to a company whose vision is to "Revolutionize the way Mining Industry operates in Real time"

Deepak PadoleCustomer Services Manager, India

I like that Modular Mining gives an equal opportunity, and values people that work for [them] with chances to build up their career. [I'm] glad be part of the Modular team, it's a team where everyone values other peoples' ideas and works.

Eli SuwarsoSoftware Deployment & Support, Corporate