A Collision Awareness System Your Operators Will Actually Trust

The MineAlert™ Collision Awareness System (CAS) is an early-warning system that alerts equipment operators to potential collisions with other CAS-equipped vehicles, helping to improve your operators’ safety awareness and reduce the likelihood of vehicle-to-vehicle collisions.

To minimize false alarms, predictive algorithms analyze the location, speed, and trajectory of all vehicles in the monitored vicinity, generating alerts only when potentially hazardous conditions exist. By generating alerts that your operators actually trust, the MineAlert CAS increases your operators’ situational awareness and system confidence, helping you drive a zero-harm workplace.

Go Beyond Proximity Detection to:

Collision Risk

False Alarms

Situational Awareness


What Can the MineAlert CAS do for you?

  • Determine a vehicle’s collision risk based on travel speed, instantaneous direction, predicted path, and other factors
  • Alert operators about potential dangers without delay, allowing them to take corrective actions to prevent a collision
  • Differentiate between true collision risks and mere proximity events, such as when two haul trucks pass each other on the same road
  • Address the most common vehicle-to-vehicle collision scenarios, including:
    • Forward collisions (FCW)
    • Take-Off collisions (TOW)
    • Head-On collisions (HOC)
    • Speed Limit violations
    • Blind-spots
    • Overtaking
    • Intersections (IMA)

When it comes to safety, we do not measure effort or resources.

The acquisition of this technology (CAS) is another investment we make to assure safe operation with zero injury”

– IntelliMine customer in Brazil

Trust a Faster Technology

The CAS leverages Dedicated Short-range Communications (DSRC) technology.

This vehicle-to-vehicle communications standard is swiftly being adopted by many consumer automotive manufacturers for its ability to provide 360-degree detection and transmit instant messages without the need for WiFi or line of sight.

MineAlert CAS – Key Features & Benefits

Intelligent path-prediction algorithms

Minimize false alarms and produce alerts only when the risk of collision is heightened

360-degree detection

No line of sight necessary; detects other vehicles when your operators don't

Simple, intuitive in-cab display

Enables faster decision-making, so your operator can take corrective action and prevent collision

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication through DSRC communications standard

Provides immediate and reliable notifications to operators

Integration with the DISPATCH FMS

Generate comprehensive reports and gain a more complete contextual understanding from the data collected by your CAS

Did You Know?

“90% of vehicle accidents could be avoided if drivers could apply the brakes one second sooner”

– National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Get even more value from your Modular Mining Solutions

Performance Assurance

Consulting Solutions | Customized Consulting

A dedicated team of Modular specialists collaborates with your mine personnel to establish mutually-defined goals and milestones, delivering even more value from your MineCare system.

  • Enhance equipment productivity
  • Reduce truck queue times
  • Improve net production through shorter shift change duration
  • Reduce equipment maintenance costs

"In the Performance Assurance area, they send a wide variety of professionals to the site to help deal with the different problems we have. We got some solutions to some of the problems we had and it was a great win for us. "

- IntelliMine Client in North America

MinePlan Compliance

Consulting Solutions | Customized Consulting

Our technology-based consulting approach helps you create synergy between departments, processes, and systems, thus increasing your ability to consistently execute according to plan.

Our Mine Plan Compliance service facilitates the cultural shift your personnel may need to accept and internalize the adoption of your new collision awareness technology.

"They really helped us find the opportunities to increase the overall performance of the mine - certainly provides added value. It added value to our operation."

- Mine Plan Compliance Client in North America

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The MineAlert Collision Awareness System (System) is designed to reduce the risk of certain accidents by providing visual and audio warnings to the driver of a potential collision. The System has limitations and cannot notify of all impending accidents. This System is not a replacement for proper safe and attentive driving. Please drive carefully at all times and do not rely on technology to prevent a collision. The System is only activated in certain circumstances and may not engage in all driving situations, weather, or road conditions. Accordingly, never wait for a collision warning. The driver is always responsible for proper operation of the vehicle and for maintaining the correct distance and speed – even when the Collision Awareness System is used. Failure to comply with these instructions could result in serious injury or death.