Drummond Coal Mine Installs Modular Hybrid System

Tucson, Arizona – August 18, 2009

Modular Mining Systems, Inc., the world leader in information management solutions for mining operations, announces that Mina Pribbenow, a Drummond Ltd. mine in Colombia, has installed ML field hardware computer systems alongside their current RevD system, making it one of the largest hybrid IntelliMine® system sites. The project included a central system software upgrade to set the stage for NextGen applications.

The new field solutions communicate via a 3rd-party infrastructure, providing the higher bandwidth needed for machine guidance and remote asset health monitoring. This hybrid approach allows Pribbenow to upgrade over time and to  eventually expand their use of Modular® products.

After a decade-long relationship with Modular, Pribbenow continues their commitment to IntelliMine applications that add value to their operations and integrate with 3rd-party systems. After much collaborative effort, ML field solutions have been successfully installed on over 70 trucks.

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