Introducing MasterLink Enterprise – Modular Mining Systems’ Next Generation Wireless Network Solution

Tucson, Arizona – April 29, 2015

Modular Mining Systems, Inc., the global leader in the delivery of real-time mine management solutions, announced today the release of its new MasterLink® Enterprise wireless network solution that enables robust, reliable and secure data transmission on a high-availability architecture, for bandwidth intensive open-pit mining environments.

MasterLink Enterprise delivers maximum network capacity, seamless worksite mobility, enterprise level security and high network availability. Modular’s comprehensive, tiered service solutions ensure that customers receive the highest level of support from initial site survey through post-system installation, so their mines can achieve and attain optimal performance.

For more than 35 years, Modular has been helping mines maintain a constant flow of vital information, enabling personnel to make the critical decisions affecting productivity, profitability and operator safety. MasterLink Enterprise represents the latest evolution in Modular’s long-standing history of wireless networking solutions. Modular’s extensive industry-specific wireless expertise pairs with Cisco’s best-in-class architecture to provide our customers with an enterprise-class network that ensures maximum capacity, coverage, and performance.

“As mining applications, equipment, and processes become increasingly complex, organizations are demanding more from their wireless networks,” said Michael Lewis, Modular Mining Systems Vice President, Product Innovation. “In response, we designed the MasterLink Enterprise solution to meet the needs of current applications, as well as provide scalability for future growth in the years to come.”

Advance orders for the MasterLink Enterprise solution are already in place, worldwide, including leading, large-scale mining operations in the Americas and Africa. Installations are underway.

Media Contact

Patricia Browne
Manager, Marketing
Modular Mining Systems
520.806.3274 | [email protected]

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