KOC Installs Modular Solutions

Tucson, Arizona – March 1, 2010

Modular Mining Systems, Inc., the leader in powerful information management solutions for mining operations worldwide, announces that Kumtor Operating Company has officially launched the Modular® IntelliMine® suite of products into its operation with final commissioning occurring in December 2009.

Located in the Kyrgyz Republic, Kumtor’s installation includes the DISPATCH® Mine Management system, the MasterLink® wireless network, the PowerView™ reporting software suite, as well as interfacing with the VIMS® system on the Caterpillar haul trucks. Kumtor selected Modular to assist with their productivity increase initiatives in 2009.

“Kumtor is a true representation of a World Class operation,” said Jeff Stewart, Manager, Eurasian Support Center. “The successful and timely completion of this project is a testament to the drive and vision of Kumtor. As the operation has increased in size and equipment numbers over the years, so has the need to efficiently and effectively manage and utilize the capacity.”

About Kumtor Operating Company

One of the largest open-pit gold mines in Central Asia, Kumtor has been in operation since 1997. Kumtor’s facility operates at an elevation of over 4000 meters in the mountains of the Kyrgyz Republic approximately 60 kilometers north of the border of the People’s Republic of China. Dedicated to sustainable development as well as production, Kumtor’s operations include a comprehensive Environmental Management System, which monitors the site’s effects on the surrounding environment.

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