Modular and Vale celebrate their 20th year of partnership

Tucson, Arizona – June 18, 2013

Modular Mining Systems is proud to announce 20 years of partnership with Vale S.A., the world’s leading iron ore producer. In celebration, a barbecue was held on May 18th, at Doce Norte Club, in Carajás, Pará, Brazil.

In 1993, Carajás became the first Vale operation to commission a Modular system. That was the first step into a long and lasting relationship that continues to return outstanding results year after year. Today, 20 years after the initial installation of the DISPATCH system, Vale has many other Modular systems implemented in more than ten operations around the world.

Modular personnel in Brazil, and Tucson-based CEO, Luiz Steinberg, traveled to Carajás in order to celebrate with Vale. Carajás’ employees Aurélio Duarte and Renildo Guimarães were honored for being at Vale since the DISPATCH system implementation. In addition, Fernando Carneiro, Mining Operations General Manager at Carajás, was chosen to receive a commemorative plaque on behalf of the Vale organization. During his speech, Carneiro said: “We’ve had a successful history with Modular. Carajás is a mine that has been in operation for almost 30 years, so it is a mine that has experienced some problems. We have a number of big challenges coming, not only with our equipment, but also with the new truckless system to be implemented in the S11D project. We are not going to have trucks in this project, but that does not mean we won’t need a system behind the operations! Every day new technologies arise. We expect that our partnership with Modular will last for another 20 years or more, and that emerging technologies will continue to be embedded in Carajás. Thank you and congratulations for all these 20 years.”

Scott Baker, currently VP, Americas at Modular, served as team leader for the 1993 implementation of the system in Carajás. When asked about the relationship with Vale, he said: “We are very proud to have maintained such a strong partnership with Carajás and Vale these 20 years. I take great pride in this original installation at Carajás, which has led to additional developments like the very successful SmarTrain® rail system and the implementation of Modular products in Vale operations worldwide. Luiz Steinberg, our current CEO, was one of the technical resources during this first installation and continued front-line support and development as he founded the MMS Brazil office. We are grateful to Vale for partnering with us for the last two decades. Vale is a great customer, and we hope that this relationship continues to grow for years to come.”

About Vale S.A. and Carajás Mining Complex

Vale is one of the top three largest mining companies in the world and the worldwide leader in iron ore production, with operations in over 30 countries. Carajás has been in operation since 1985 and is now the largest open-pit iron ore mine in the world. For more information about Vale, visit

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