Modular Chairman, Dr. James White, receives Komatsu Presidential Award

Tucson, Arizona – May 15, 2012

Modular Mining Systems, Inc., the leader in mining systems technology, announces that company co-founder and Chairman James White, Ph.D., P.E., is the recipient of Komatsu Ltd.’s Individual Presidential Award for 2012.

Dr. White’s vision, leadership, and intrinsic understanding of the needs of the modern mining industry, were key factors in his being selected. Since co-founding Modular Mining in 1979, Dr. White has continued to champion technological advancement and innovation. In 1980, the release of Modular’s DISPATCH fleet management system revolutionized the way mines worked. Modular has since gone on to develop the ProVision machine guidance system and the MineCare maintenance management system, as well as numerous other haulage optimization, asset management, and mine safety products.

In a joint development effort with Komatsu in 2005, Modular helped deploy FrontRunner®, the first commercial Autonomous Haulage System (AHS). Going forward, Modular is proud to be part of strategic alliance with Komatsu and the Rio Tinto mining group, in which Modular will assist in deploying 150 autonomous haul trucks into Rio Tinto Iron Ore Pilbara operations in Western Australia by the end of 2015.

Modular joined the Komatsu Group in 1996, enabling the companies to expand their product lines and broaden their customer bases. It is in recognition of Dr. White’s longterm contributions to the success of both companies that he received this honor. Dr. White accepted the award on May 11th in a ceremony held at Komatsu’s head office in Tokyo, Japan.

About Dr. White

Dr. White began his technical career in 1968 as a Senior Project Engineer working for Rohm and Haas Co., a large chemical and plastics manufacturer based in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. White resigned as Head of Rohm and Haas’ Research Computing Center in 1971 to join the University of Arizona, College of Mines, as an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering. He left the University to co-found Modular Mining Systems, Inc. where he continues to serve as Chairman. He is an Arizona-registered engineer, a member of the Engineering Advisory Committee of the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration, and President of the Mining Foundation of the Southwest. He holds an MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware.

About Modular

Modular is the market leader in providing powerful information management solutions to meet the needs of both open pit and underground mining operations worldwide. Modular sales and support offices are located in all key world-mining markets.

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