Spot On: Every Truck, Every Load, Every Time

How the ProVision Guided Spotting system can help you minimize shovel hang time at your mine

How important is it to your operation that your trucks navigate to the right spot, at the right time – every time? How much time do your shovels spend hanging, and are you fully optimizing their capability? Does operator turnover and training keep you awake at night? Has one of your trucks ever collided with a shovel or crusher?

In this 30 minute webinar, Modular Mining’s Braden Weisheit (Global Sales Manager, Machine Guidance systems) presents true improvement opportunities to address the above questions, and more, by leveraging the ProVision Guided Spotting system.

After viewing this webinar recording, you’ll learn:

  • How you can minimize (if not eliminate) shovel hang time at your mine
  • How you can increase productivity, without increasing safety risk, through dual-sided loading
  • How eliminating just 15 seconds of hang time can help you move more than 2 million additional tons per year 
  • How to truly maximize production by equalizing the performance of your less-experienced operators to that of (or beyond) your veterans
  • Additional site-wide benefits that can be attained by outfitting your haul trucks with High-Precision GNSS

Click the video below to play the webinar recording:

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