System Audit

A Modular Mining Services system audit provides an independent, expert evaluation, which includes hardware and software configurations, office setup, system maintenance and administration, staff skills, and mine data integrity. This is followed up by a finite, fact-based set of specific recommendations. Once any corrective actions have been applied, your mine’s personnel can have confidence in their mine management system as a source of reliable decision-making information. Objective, consistent feedback helps to reinforce change following a system implementation, and it facilitates a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Validate data management and data integrity
  • Align system configuration with current work practices
  • Identify operational improvement areas for further study
  • Establish baseline metrics for continuous improvement

Performance Analysis

Performance analysis provides answers to questions such as: What operating practices enable best-in-class loading rates? How much can I reduce shovel hang time without queuing? Where am I losing time during shift change? What is the upper limit on haulage productivity? This service is a systematic examination of haul truck, loading equipment, dump, and crusher capacity, as well as recommended operating practices and dispatching techniques. Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we form an action plan to improve mine performance.
  • Gain independent perspective on operational issues
  • Identify local best practices
  • Improve dispatching strategy
  • Establish a capacity model for production processes


Benchmarking is a continuous improvement exercise that allows you to identify best performance benchmarks, understand the practices that accomplish them, and adopt these best practices and implement them at other mines. Using performance analyses from multiple mines within the same corporation, we compare mobile equipment KPIs for availability, utilization, and performance. We identify best practices that can be implemented across the company as well as at individual sites.
  • Standardize production accounting
  • Normalize reporting to enable aggregate KPIs
  • Perform gap analysis for each mine site
  • Form an action plan for syndication of best practices